I just saw this!! This is so cute! The expression on the girl’s face is the best! She’s so brilliant.

But while watching the video, I was wondering if the kids still play and don’t allot all of their time to dancing. I hope the kid is doing this for fun and because she really wants to, not because she’s compelled by her parents. That’s why as much I love my kid to be this awesome, I don’t really impose and let her do what she wants. Right now she’s almost 8 and she’s just a normal kid who attends school and plays at home. I’m letting her do whatever she wants. Although she has somewhat has passion for drawing, maybe she can be a painter. Lol. But as I said, I don’t want to impose, so maybe I’ll enroll her to painting classes if she voluntarily asked me to. I’ll just support and won’t impose. I’m such a good parent. :)

Anyways, the kids seemed to enjoy what they are doing on stage, but we can never know what happens back stage.