Mobility Lifestyle with Convertible Strollers

Every parent, especially the new ones would be grateful if they would be able to do their outdoor activities. The infant stroller would be the perfect tools for making things possible and that is outside their comfort home. For parents who are always on the move, they need some sort of new baby strollers that are versatile and have multiple functions. The type of strollers they need is the one called convertible strollers, which will save a lot of their quality time and convenient while parenting the infants. With convertible strollers, shifting your infant from one location to another location would be much easier while keeping them safe all the time. It is the most useful piece of equipment that could prevent you from the logistics nightmare especially in today’s modern lifestyle.Mobility Lifestyle with Convertible Strollers

Previously, we have discussed the essential features of infant stroller, which considered as important and that is safety, comfort use, versatility, capacity, and durability. Above all, the safety aspect is the top priority and a must as all the new baby strollers (including the convertible strollers) should comply with the standard regulations set by the Government authorities like JPMA. In general, there are five categories in infant strollers (as well as for toddler) that you can choose from regardless of its brand names. The stroller’s common categories are the lightweight strollers, convertible strollers, car seat strollers, multiple occupancy strollers (tandem strollers), and jogging strollers.

Convertible Strollers, the Most Versatile

For now we will be only covering the convertible strollers as it can be used as a carriage or a stroller. Being said that these types of the stroller are similar in concept to the carriage combos. Even so, the difference of characteristic in the stroller would be all in the chassis or framework. The versatile strollers normally weigh less (usually between 20 and 25 pounds), can be folded up densely, as well as making them better in tight spaces, and the wheels’ ability to swivel in 360 degrees of angle. Starts with the carriage position allow your infant, especially the newborn to travel by lying almost flat on his or her back. Meanwhile in the stroller position, it will let your baby ride on it by sitting upright. The changeable positions are typically easier by flipping it into the desired position. The convertible strollers are more expensive than the lightweight models, but they do grow with your baby.

You might want to consider the convertible strollers that not only convert from a stroller into a carrier, but also into an infant car seat. These flexible new features would be a total plus and reduces the continual removal from the car seat to the stroller or to a carrier. These are the convertible travel system strollers that come the base for the car seat, and an absolutely great for your newborn baby. Being actively moved especially on the road, the infant stroller is going to be repeatedly put in and out of your car. It is no easy task, and the convertible strollers would be the one to lessen the exhausting job.

Convertible Strollers, the Multiple Conversions

To make things clearer, allow us to demonstrate one type or model of convertible strollers for better understanding by displaying a diagram. This diagram would be displaying a series of transformation or conversion of Peg Perego stroller as an example.

Figure A and B:
It starts with the figure A, whereas at the stroller position which allowed the infant to sit upright and good for growing infants. Meanwhile, the carriage position will allow your infant to lie down comfortably and good for sleeping purposes (essential for newborns). This is the rear facing position that permitted the mothers to monitor closely their infant while inside the stroller and recommended for the newly born babies as they require minimal disturbance.

Figure C and D:
The figure C and D are the front facing position and have similar functions with figure A and B. This type of convertible strollers was designed for an easy conversion from rear to front or the other way round. Growing infants or toddlers would enjoy the site seeing and one way to learn the outside World by observation. It is also one way to introduce or show off your adorable baby.

Figure E:
Most infant stroller, especially with the convertible travel system strollers may have the car seat as an add-on. It is another great feature to have for your newborn and traveling by in and out of your car would be convenient. It is also a budget saver as no additional or new car seats required and be good for long distance journey like going for vacations. Parents who always traveling on the road like moving from state to state or having a career that requires you to travel much often, would be appreciating this feature.

Figure F and G:
Referring to figure F and G, you would be able to fold the convertible strollers on either way. The figure G would be an advantage as it serves as the ready-to-go stroller without worrying about mobility; but quite heavy though. One thing you have to worry about is whether it will fit into the car and often times the assembling issue would be disadvantages.

With the excessive list of infant stroller in the market today, it is most likely to be overwhelmed you’re your selections. These are few good one that you could look into: Peg Perego, Graco, Britax, Bugaboo, and etc.

In Conclusion upon Convertible Strollers

Conversion or transformation features offered by the convertible strollers would always be the best thing to have. This friendly-user concept will save you from the challenge of the modern lifestyle which is in terms of time, budget, and effort. Nonetheless, the safety of your precious little one is the most important and should be the number one priority. Always think and analyze of what is the key purpose of having the infant stroller. May you have the best one for your baby and good luck on that!

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